Debt Collection Actions

Inside of each case, and in some of the white papers,
you will find additional cases or case sites you can use
to further support your case and arguments.

A Collection of Documents
Usable in a State Court Debt Collection Actions

Cease And Desist Letter

Motion to Dismiss

Notice Of Dispute to Court

Collection Agency Info Web Site

GAO Credit Card Report - 2006

Washington State Supreme Court - Footnote 11, raises the question of do Non-Judicial Foreclosures Violate Due Process provisions within the state Constitution?

Court Penalizes Attorney for Faulty Case Citation and Failure to Address Adverse Authority - American Inns of Court

MIDLAND-v-VALENTIN Gold for fighting State Actions.

An A to Z listing of Debt Collectors put together by the Arizona Dept. of Financial Institutions, includes addresses and phone numbers.

A Collection of Documents
Usable in a FDCPA Federal Action

Abusive Practices

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act - 2006

GAO FDCPA Report - 2009

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure - 2013

Federal Rules of Evidence - 2014

District Court Memorandum Opinion on Discovery - 2008, can be used as a tool to compel discovery from reluctant defendant.

Pro Se Notice of Rights to Court

Wheeler v. Capital One NA, Class Action for willfully filing false documents. This case provides a text book example of how fraud upon the court is perpetrated by debt collectors. It took three months from time of filing to time of settlement for this case be dismissed. This is lightening speed. Someone really didn't want this case to go to trial. Pay particular attention to who all are named as defendants.

     Article exposing CapOne and the Legal Profession's complicity in knowingly and willfully filing false documentation into court cases against consumers.

Case Style - FDCPA, An easy to follow template to help you structure and write your Federal Complaint, e.g. FDCPA, FCRA, UDAP, etc.

Rules that Breathe Fire into Your Writing. What it takes to write winning actions.

Spoliation of Evidence Regardless of it being overt or inadvertent.

Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices also known as Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices, or UDAP or UDAAP.

A Collection of Documents
Usable in a FCRA Federal Action

Fair Credit Reporting Act - 2011

FTC Debt Buying Report - 2013 Debt Buyers have almost no documentation to support their claims in court, and what they do have is untrustworthy! Highlighted Report!

     Article About the FTC Report - 1-30-2013

FTC Report on Credit Reporting Agencies - 40 million errors; this report gives a stastical analysis of CRA errors, but doesn't recommend Congress take any action; it also fails to deal with what the CRA's send to you as a report not being the same report that they send to a potential creditor; nor the statement by the CEO of Experian that Experian is in the debt collection business too! Very disappointing!

     40 Years of FCRA by FTC Get your highlighter out for this one!

FTC Repairing A Broken System - 2010

Unifund Important PRECEDENTIAL Court Case

Harkins v Diversified FCRA Impermissible Purpose MD

A Collection of Documents
Usable in a TCPA Federal Action

2nd Amended Complaint Martin v. Leading Edge & CapOne

     Order Denying Defendants' Motion for Dimissal under 12(b)1 & 12(b) 6

TCPA Case Law under Federal Deception Law

Manually Dialed Calls to Mobile Phone Held to Violate TCPA Robo-calls no longer required to have a cause of action under the TCPA.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act Junk Faxes, Spam Texts, Robocalls, Telemarketing Abuse, no, no, no!

Resource and References

What Lies In Your Debt

What Lies In Your Mortgage


NCLC – National Consumer Law Center
     NCLC Books –
          Fair Credit Reporting (FCRA)
          Fair Debt Collection (FDCPA)
          Collection Actions (Defending against collection lawsuits)
          Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices (UDAP)
          Truth in Lending (TILA)
          Consumer Class Actions
          and more…

NOLO – Law for All – Books
     NOLO Books –
          Represent Yourself in Court - How to Prepare & Try a Winning Case
          Everybody's Guide to Small Claims Court
          Legal Research - How to Find & Understand the Law
          Nolo's Deposition Handbook
          The Foreclosure Survival Guide
          Estate Planning Basics
          Form Your Own Limited Liability Company
          Your Limited Liability Company - An Operating Manual
          and more…

Overcoming Foreclosure - by Norman L. Sirak, Esq.
With a Quiet Title Lawsuit that Exploits Fatal Flaws in Securitized Mortgages

Clouded Titles - by David Krieger

O'Connor's Federal Rules * Civil Trials 2013 or 2014

O'Connor's Federal Civil Forms 2013

The Bluebook – A Uniform System of Citation

ALWD Guide to Legal Citation

Cases and Materials on Discovery Practice in the Federal Courts - by Steve Donweber

Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges - by Anthony Scalia

Pro Se Package from US District Court,
Eastern District of Texas

Guidelines for Pro Se's

Civil Cover Sheet

In Forma Pauperius - short *.pdf form

In Forma Pauperius - Long *.pdf form

Summons - *.pdf form

Local Rules - 10-11-2012

Service Of Process To a N.A.

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Void Judgment Details

     22 Reasons Simply Stated

     Restated with evidence cited

Meet "Richard Cornforth"

Sue Debt Collectors Instead

     Support Docs for Suing Debt Collectors

     Unfair and Deceptive Practices

          Case Law for Suing Debt Collectors

     Recorded Calls from "just Dave"

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